Is It Possible To Make Money From Youtube?

Is It Possible To Make Money From Youtube?

YouTube, where I had fun watching music clips for the first time, has now become a source of income for some people. With the thought that it would be a new source of income, those who wanted to enter this sector started to research how they should shoot videos on youtube, where one and a half billion people log in every month, and how they can make a profit. One out of every 5 people in the world uses youtube. On average, viewers watch youtube more than 1 hour a day via mobile application. While social media was used only for entertainment before, youtube has made a new start in this regard. With its startup, it became the first application that offers the opportunity to earn money from social media shares. A groundbreaking youtube offers people fame, money and fame through the videos they shoot and post. This situation started to attract more and more people's attention.

Steps To Make Money From Youtube

It is possible to make money from youtube, which is a fun social media environment, as well as earn a lot. You must have an account before you can start earning. The account must be opened. Subscribers who will provide youtube views to the opened account should be earned. In order for the account to be monetized, it must be monitored. You must be a Youtube partner to monitor. This means allowing Google to place ads on your video. Here are the steps to earn money from YouTube:

• You must enter the properties of your account. Since the system is not official in Turkey, you must activate it by changing the location.

• When activating the account, confirm the terms of use and click the monetize videos button

• Make your ad choices on the screen that appears.

• As a result of the approval process after the ad selections, the dollar symbol will start to appear next to the videos.

• Associate the Adense account with the youtube channel

• After reaching a thousand followers and 4 thousand hours of watch time, the ads will become active and you will start earning money.

Tips for Making Money From Youtube

Making money is good. It is a more enjoyable job to earn money especially from the work that one loves and enjoys. The most popular way to both have fun and make money from the social media environment is youtube. Those with high views can make good profits. Some accounts will start with youtube views at the beginning and the impressions that occur later on will earn. The first condition to earn money from Youtube is to be determined. Uploading videos with regular and stable views is the biggest secret of this business. Never think that the preparations you make before shooting a video are wasted because they form the basis of original videos. When partnership offers come, it is necessary to think well and make the right choice. Never forget that Youtube is a beginning and a tool. The main goal is to contribute to people.