It's Time to Make Money on Facebook

It's Time to Make Money on Facebook


    Facebook is one of the most used social media environments in our country and in the world. Facebook is making publisher solutions every day. One of his new solutions is to monetize the videos published in the social media panel. In the statement published by the application authorities, it seems that people will have a chance to earn money both from Facebook and from different media they want with their video content. Facebook has expanded beta testing between ads. Ad breaks are tested with some users of the app on on demand videos. They will be able to monetize ads through videos, thanks to the Audience Network used by eligible publishers. Audience Network, which can be used by all qualified broadcasters, is now available for In Stream videos.

    What is Audience Network?

    The brand new service that places the ads of companies and people who advertise on Facebook on third party sites and different applications is called Audience Network. First, a test application was made for in-stream videos in May. Now, Audience Network has been put into practice after the tests showed that it was efficient. All qualified publishers will be able to use this service. All qualified publishers will have the opportunity to show relevant ads anywhere in the world on mobile apps or desktop with this service. Publishers are generally a little hesitant towards external advertisements. Because these ads fill slowly. Sometimes it can be unreliable. However, advertisers through Audience Network primarily upload their ads to Facebook. It then auctions and creates a positive experience for the audience. In the new era, making money on social media is as important as Facebook page likes. The more likes and followers you have, the more chances you have to win.

    How Are Facebook Live Stream Ad Breaks Evaluated?

    While playing videos, sometimes some 15-second videos come out. A certain group had tested monetizing these 15-second videos, called Ad Break, in order to monetize these videos. Among the ad breaks that passed the tests, those who broadcast the video received a share of the revenue from the ad. The more viewers and likes you have with buy Facebook likes, the more you watch the video. The increasing viewership rate also increases the incoming share rate. Ad break videos that apply to regular videos are now being expanded to apply to live-streamed videos. Profiles that meet the necessary conditions will have the right to take ad breaks when they reach 300 or more viewers at the same time.