What is Instagram TV?

Instagram TV, which is among the new features of Instagram, allows uploading long-term videos such as an hour. Previously, 15-minute videos can be published in the Instagram story section and a maximum of 1 minute videos can be published in the Instagram stream. Instagram TV, which enables video content to gain more space on the application, has similar features to the content sharing system on YouTube. At the same time, those who use this feature of the application can have the opportunity to earn money by advertising.

Instagram TV Features

It can be said that the duration of the videos has increased for those who say that the video was already shared on the application, why they needed Instagram TV. These videos, which can be seen all the time, can be viewed by anyone, whether they are an Instagram follower or not. Of course, it is important that the account is not private here. The uploaded videos will continue to stand as they are not deleted thanks to Instagram TV. Another feature of the videos is that they present a vertical image. Therefore, videos should not be shot horizontally. A similar aspect with Youtube is the opportunity to subscribe. With the channel subscription, the desired person's video will be easily accessed and followed. Uploaded videos can be watched unlimitedly. Every Instagram user will have an IGTV channel, and the videos uploaded by people are followed by subscribing, similar to a youtube subscription.

Using Instagram TV

You can use IGTV to extend the duration of the videos you share on your Instagram account. By installing it as a mobile application, you can benefit more from the application feature. IGTV is compatible for Android devices, which must be downloaded to the phone first. After the application is installed, open it and click the continue button. You can continue with your Instagram account or open a new account. The tabs that appear when you open the account by entering the necessary information are as follows.

    • For You tab: There are videos that you think you will like.

    • People you follow tab: Here are the people you follow in your Instagram account.

    • Popular tab: Find recommended videos.

    • Continue watching tab: It is possible to access your unfinished videos here.

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