What is Spam? Does it hurt?

What is Spam? Does it hurt?


    What is Spam? Does it hurt?

    Spam is a copy of the same content on the internet and warnings are sent to people who have not requested to receive this content. They are usually commercial advertisements and these advertisements mostly cover untrusted products. While spamming can be done with a very small amount by the sender, the financial burden is on the receiver and carrier in high amounts.

    What is Youtube Spam?

    Posting unsolicited and repetitive content in similar videos, comments and private messages. In other words, removing the user from Youtube or directing them to another site violates Youtube's spam policy. In addition, videos with a large number of repetitions and reposting on the channel you have created are not considered appropriate. Earning through other users' channels also means a spam warning. In such cases, you can make Youtube Copyright Violation. In addition, pornographic, malicious software or content that violates community rules is considered Spam.

    Automatic Systems

    We can also call it artificial traffic spam. It is against the terms of Youtube to present videos to users who do not know the purpose of your content by making use of automated systems, and to artificially increase views, comments and likes. However, most of Youtube users have increased the number of views by taking advantage of SMM Panel services and they tolerate many users even though it is prohibited on Youtube.

    Naturally, other users, that is, people who want to be on the top of youtube, have no choice but to buy youtube views for brands. Almost all of the videos that are now famous and that are at the top of the searches have such views thanks to automatic systems. To give an example, the viewing rates of an artist known by all nations in the world, who gave concerts almost all over the world, and a singer who could not reach the borders of Turkey but only known by Turkey, are the same on Youtube. However, it is seen how many people are searched through the Google search engine. The artist, known by the whole world, has been searched by almost every country, and the number of searches is indicated by the number. At the same time, when we look at how much the Global singer is sought and followed, we can see that these rates are very low, only within the borders of their own country. This means that the number of views has been increased by using an automatic system.