Will My Youtube Channel Get Approval?

Will My Youtube Channel Get Approval?


    Will My Youtube Channel Get Approval?

    Youtube, the largest video site on the Internet, is growing day by day. Billions of users watch the videos on this site and accordingly the site is constantly evolving. In addition, Youtube, which gives users the chance to earn money from the videos they upload, encourages people to upload new videos. Users who upload videos in proportion to the number of YouTube views earn income.

    In order to receive the payments given by Youtube, some conditions must first be met and then approval must be obtained. It is not possible to earn money on Youtube without these steps. Due to the situation in question, people are wondering how the channel they will open will be approved.

    Providing Youtube Terms

    Before starting to earn money, the conditions set by Youtube must be met. These conditions are 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watched. Youtube takes into account the last 12 months for the number of views. After these conditions are met, an application for monetization must be made and the application must be examined and approved by the relevant department. So you can start making money.

    Even if these conditions are met, getting approval at the next stage is not as easy as it seems. Some users resort to different ways and turn to duplicate content in order to meet the 4000 hour requirement. This is encountered at the approval stage and therefore cannot be approved. Authenticity is one of the most important conditions for obtaining approval. Youtube channel must be original and must not contain duplicate videos.

    Get Faster Approval with Our Youtube Services

    Originality is never compromised in order to meet the conditions necessary to earn money on Youtube. Some users do not want to wait for the necessary conditions. At this stage, you can benefit from the 4000 hours and 1000 subscriber service provided by us. Thanks to this service we provide, the necessary conditions are met and there is no problem in terms of originality. Youtube is also unexpected for the number of yt views.

    After this stage, the requirement that the videos should be interesting as much as they should be original should not be overlooked. Because after the approval is received, the reviews continue and duplicate content is blocked.